The Art of Storytelling: Connecting with your Online Audience

April 25, 2019By Sara DyerNEWS

No matter how hard people try, effective communication is often a huge struggle. The effects of this can lead to lost business opportunity, broken relationships, even injury or death. Not communicating well is a really big deal; so how do we get better? A great place to start is by better understanding how to tell … Read More

Leveraging Location-Based Advertising Technology

February 12, 2019By Sara DyerNEWS

Location-based advertising, also called geotargeting or geofencing, has changed the way local businesses can reach potential customers who are quite literally steps away from their storefront. Thinknear‘s technology not only has the ability to target audiences based on proximity, but also on context and historical-real world behaviors to allow for sharper audience segmentation, meaning marketers … Read More

2019 Marketing Trends eBook

February 4, 2019By Sara DyerDOWNLOADS

Continuing to find ways to innovate in marketing is nothing new. With every new year comes new business goals and objectives and building a compelling and effective marketing program to support those initiatives is never far behind.

Connected TV Ad Requests Skyrocketed In 2018

January 14, 2019By Sara DyerNEWS

As any observer of the connected TV landscape would tell you, the platform was ripe for growth in 2018. New data from the video supply monetization company Beachfront shines a bright light on just how strong that growth was.

Southern Vacation Rentals Named Winner of the HomeAway Hero Award

November 15, 2018By Sara DyerNEWS

Southern Recognized as a Hero in the Vacation Rental Industry by Online Marketplace Pensacola, FL – November 2018 / Newsmaker Alert / HomeAway recently named Southern Vacation Rentals, the local leader in vacation rental management, the recipient of the September 2018 Hero Award. The award was presented in September at the Annual RezFest Vacation Rental Conference hosted … Read More