Powerful publishers

Because we are publishers at heart, we own all of our local data sources, giving you the most accurate targeting technology available.

Travel and tourism experts

Our team focuses exclusively on tourism, so we understand how to target for specific travel behaviors.

Rich in resources

Advance, our parent company and one of the largest publishers in the U.S., provides our clients access to best-in-class technology and nationally-ranked local news and entertainment brands.

Local connections

We operate out of ten local media groups: Advance Ohio, Advance Media New YorkAdvance Marketing Solutions, Alabama Media Group, MassLive Media, NJ Advance Media, PA Media Group, Staten Island Media GroupOregonian Media Group and NOLA Media Group.

Our Team


Charlie San Filippo (New Jersey)
Shannon Garman (Pennsylvania)
Bridget Cerrone (Upstate New York)
Bethany Case
Dan Ryan (Staten Island)
Christina Cole
Gareth Charter
Christine Romanko



Stephanie Aulwurm
Bailey Nogle
Jim Doyle



Joseph Dabbs
Ray Hydrick
Jill Dryden (Louisiana)



Kami Kennedy
Maria Zemen
Holly Schonert