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Drive immediate foot traffic to your destination. We use proximity-based targeting and mobile intelligence to target those most likely to take action based on a hyper-targeted location. Leveraging geographic signals from mobile devices (latitude/longitude coordinates) enable us to deliver more relevant ads and experiences. This ensures that your company is delivering brand experiences that move audiences — and we move with them.

We can put your message in front of interested travelers while they’re already at your destination and finalizing their itineraries. To learn more, contact us today


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Resort Vacation Properties of St. George Island

As the largest vacation rental company on St George Island, FL (Franklin County), RVP offers close to 300 premier beach vacation homes all over the island with various amenities to fit every family’s vacation needs. The Governor of Florida banned short term vacation rentals on March 25th due to COVID-19, and by May 19th Franklin County was approved to reopen under the contingency of not inviting travelers from known COVID-19 hot spots at the time -- NYC and Louisiana. RVP’s Marketing Director, Jamie Martina requested a thoughtful creative approach to be mindful of the threat of COVID-19, as well as sensitive to traveler sentiment. The relaunch campaign was designed to reengage with top converting audiences and drive bookings to make up for the major losses from the 56 day shutdown.

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