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Appear at the top of Google results when and where travelers are searching.

Travelers who are ready to purchase are searching online for the best deals and venues. Ensure your presence with pay-per-click advertising. By ensuring visibility amongst search results – both organic and paid – you will reinforce your brand’s credibility. This keeps your brand on top of the consumer’s mind while they are searching. Our SEM campaigns are planned, implemented and monitored by on-staff experts that earned us our Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner certification and the search industry’s leading search optimization platform.

Compare the benefits of our SEM management with running a search campaign yourself.

Let us review your strategy today and show you how your paid search campaign could be working harder for you.

Utilize one search engine at-a-time.
We simultaneously manage campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Research your keywords.
We identify and bid in real-time on relevant keywords based on your budget.
Script and design your ads.
We create multiple versions of ad copy that are auto-optimized for performance for each search engine.
Manage keyword bids and budget – daily, weekly or monthly, when you have time.
We manage keyword bids and budget, 24/7.
Update your keywords and ad copy, when you have time.
We regularly optimize your keywords and ad copy to make sure your money is working hard for you.
Separate billing per search engine.
We consolidate billing for easier accounting for you.
Use Google Analytics to measure results.
We bring the analytics to you with easy-to-understand, and transparent reporting for your campaigns.

We can put your brand at the top of search engine results when travelers are gathering trip inspiration, mapping out the visit, booking the destination and attractions. To learn more, contact us today.


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Advance Travel & Tourism reviewed Georgia's Blue Ridge visitation data, as well as Google Analytics to find that there were top markets engaging with the brand organically. The strategy was to focus a dedicated budget and unique creatives to these new tier 2 and tier 3 markets.

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