2023 Travel Outlook: Tech Trends to Watch

With Google Analytics 4 over two years old, Google is finally ready to sunset Universal Analytics later this year.

As the predominant way to analyze website traffic and behavior, it is imperative that DMOs and travel websites switch their accounts over to GA4. In addition to UA soon being unsupported and unworkable, there’s a host of benefits that come from switching to GA4.

  • Multi-Touchpoint Analysis. Using end-to-end machine learning GA4 possess the ability for cross channel
    data-driven attribution. The feature automatically adapts to changes in performance across
    different touchpoints, crediting allocation to each conversion. This can improve your data concerning
    the percentage of early, mid, and late touchpoints, as well as the breakdown of each conversion source.
  • Improved ROI. GA4’s new method of data attribution increases return on investment by more
    accurately analyzing which ads and website behavior is driving sales. Using several factors (including
    device type, number of interactions, and the order in which ads were encountered), as well as
    contrasting what could have happened on the website, GA4 can more accurately determine which
    touchpoints are driving conversions.
  • Business and Compliance-Minded Engagement Measurement. With GA4, enhanced
    measurements are much easier to set up, meaning you can capture more than just page views right
    from the beginning. The new enhanced measurement easily tracks things like video engagement, scrolling behavior, file downloads, and form interactions, meaning you can specifically tailor your
    analytics to the needs of your business, provided your website is well designed.

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