Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Video is everywhere — and it’s not going anywhere. A 2021 Wyzowl report found that 86% of companies used video as part of their marketing. Further, 93% of those using video saw it as a vital part of their marketing strategy, and 86% say video has increased their website traffic.

Cisco predicts that over 82% of consumer online traffic will be in video form in 2022. Social media advertising and marketing campaigns are including video now more than ever, in part due to the rise in consumer video consumption since the pandemic. From a marketing perspective, video is often quicker and more affordable to make, and companies can create their own videos in-house. Many can even create high-quality videos on smartphones, which drastically reduces the cost.

Speaking of smartphone-created videos, brands will have increasing opportunities for user-generated content (UGC) in 2022. The pandemic has continued to leave users skeptical of online platforms and flashy ads, so brands have had to get creative. Destinations can encourage travelers to record and share their experiences on social media. With the rise of social media influencers, many of these people have mastered the art of angles, lighting, and story-telling for the best user experience. And the stats don’t lie: consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view UGC as authentic than brandcreated content.

Short-form videos like those on TikTok, Instagram reels, and the newer YouTube Shorts are also huge, and they’ll continue to grow into 2022. Some of these videos only last a few seconds, allowing brands to communicate with their audiences quickly, effectively, and in easily shareable ways. Short video snippets can educate potential customers about an offering before they have a chance to get bored and move on to something else.

Live streaming has also seen a considerable uptick in recent years. As more people stay home and work remotely, live videos allow a unique sense of connection with brands and other people. On Facebook, people watch live videos three times longer than other videos, providing unique marketing opportunities for brands. There are chances to reach more diverse and engaged audiences.

Another interesting video trend is watching with no sound. Many mobile users scroll through social media in public places, which means they watch videos without listening to the audio. As a result, Facebook and Instagram have introduced autoplay features defaulted to play on mute. As we move into 2022, brands will need to create content with audio-free features in mind, such as accurate subtitles and appealing visuals.

As people continue to consume more video content online, you’ll need a solid organic and paid strategy to stand out from competitors. From small to large budgets, video can and should play a part in your content strategy. You can profit from the video mania to boost leads, drive traffic to your website, and maximize sales through the right strategies.

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