Good news travel marketers! Facebook’s new targeting tool will allow you to reach travelers who are currently in the Dreaming Stage of the 5 Stages of Travel. During the Dreaming Stage, travelers are building wanderlust and gathering trip inspiration. This is often done by perusing through articles like Top Destinations on the Rise on TripAdvisor. Facebook can leverage this online behavior so marketers have the ability to persuade them to move further along to the next stage.

So, how does it work?

Prior to this new feature, Facebook could only target travelers who were in the plan, book, experience and share stages. Available across Facebook, Instagram and the service’s Audience Networks, the targeting tool allows advertisers to reach those planning for their next trip by showcasing deals and popular destinations to the people who have shown an intent to travel but have not yet picked a specific destination.

In the announcement of the new feature, Facebook wrote:

“We’re introducing trip consideration to help travel advertisers reach people who have expressed intent to travel, but have not yet decided where to go.

We know this type of travel discovery and trip planning is already happening across our platforms. In fact, 68 percent of Millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, and the same is true for 60 percent of Millennials on Instagram. That’s why we wanted to give travel advertisers a way to reach people where they’re already finding inspiration for their next trip.”

To use the Trip Consideration feature, travel marketers can go to the “optimization for ad delivery” option in Ads Manager and select “prioritize delivery to people who plan to travel.” According to Facebook, brands are already seeing the value of Trip Consideration to inspire travelers to take action.


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