2023 Travel Outlook: Leveling Up Your Data Game

2023 Travel Outlook: Leveling Up Your Data Game

Collecting visitor data has never been more important. With economic factors always changing and younger generations gaining more access to travel, collecting the data of those who visit a location helps DMOs build better strategies. To stay on top of your best prospects, you need near real-time data to build campaigns, optimize targeting and create segment and sub-segment messaging that will grab attention and deepen engagement.

3 Benefits of Better Visitor Data:

    • Increased Customer Understanding. Comprehensive data can help determine where tourists are frequenting, for how long, and what is driving them there. DMOs can use this information to highlight the most attractive tourism options and drive more traffic to the community as a whole.
    • Evidence-Based Marketing Decisions. Marketing strategies based on assumptions or outdated insights can stall your engagement and even turn people off from visiting your destination. Making decisions on the most recent data and understanding your primary demographics increases the effectiveness of your marketing.
    • Increased ROI. With more focused and informed marketing strategies, DMOs should see an increase in their return on investment, gaining more engagement and tourism for less time, effort, and resources.

Download our 2023 Travel Outlook WP today to find out more ways to level up your data. 

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