Often you need just one more digital marketing tactic to add to your campaign to finalize it, or you have a smaller budget.

Gulf County, Florida was in that position for their Spring 2022 Campaign. That is when they reached out to Advance Travel & Tourism to help. We were able to present several options to achieve their goals of Landing Page Views.

After some collaborative conversations, we finalized a 3-month native display campaign. The targeting for the campaign focused on top target DMAs and segmented contextual topics. The tactic produced exceedingly well as a standalone, but it also improved the campaign’s overall performance.

The campaign’s success gave Gulf County the confidence to partner with Advance Travel & Tourism for an even larger project for Fall 2022.

Key Campaign Objectives

  • Increase landing page views


NATIVE DISPLAY Digital Marketing

  • Digital Display + Remessaging
  • Full Creative Services Included
  • Responsive Rich Media Available
  • Target by Geo/Demo/Behavior



  • The campaign delivered over 200,000 V.O. and display ads on spotify with the click through rate performing above the benchmark at .23%.
  • Nearly 300,000 ads were served on Facebook and Instagram with a 4% click through rate.

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