Visit Vicksburg, MS and Advance Travel and Tourism have been partners for nearly a decade.

The partnership started off many years ago as a simple display campaign targeting key markets and audiences for Visit Vicksburg.

Since then, the partnership and campaign have evolved into a complex marketing campaign using exciting creative, tactics, and targeting. Through consistent market visits and weekly/bi-weekly analysis meetings, the campaigns over the years have been incredibly successful in building the Visit Vicksburg brand and driving visitation.

The F.Y. 2021 campaign included a heavy video and social strategy, utilizing multiple different forms of streaming video advertising, along with a multilayered paid social approach. The Key Performance Indicators were standard site and delivery metrics like Impressions, Video Completion Rate, CTR, Users, New Users, Pages per Session, Session Duration, Page Depth, and more. Additional success metrics to identify higher levels of brand engagement included newsletter sign ups, Visitor Guide Form Fills, Outbound Lodging Partner Referrals, and use of the Favorites option to build a custom itinerary. We also monitored monthly visitation through Occupancy data and mobile device location tracking.

Due to the success of the campaign and excellent relationship, Visit Vicksburg and Advance Travel and Tourism have an ongoing strategic partnership.

Campaign Overview

  • Drive quality site traffic

  • Increase visibility in key markets
  • Increase new site users
  • Constant communication and optimization based on campaign results



  • Digital Display + Remessaging
  • Full Creative Services Included
  • Responsive Rich Media Available
  • Target by Geo/Demo/Behavior

Search and social media marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Content & Distribution
  • Automated Optimization
  • Expert Management & Reporting




  • 203,424 site users, with 99.8% being new users.
  • Over 12,263,732 ad impressions served to potential travelers as of December 2021.
  • Direct website visits from the campaign accounted for 44.3% of total site traffic.
  • Of the almost 4,000 form fills from the site, 28.2% was from our direct campaign traffic.
  • The strategic campaign was key in increasing Hospitality collections by 8% compared to 2019 and 17% higher than 2020.

What I love most about our partnership with Advance Travel & Tourism is the personalized attention they have given to our destination. Their team watches our campaigns closely and gives expert advice to optimize our digital marketing strategy to ensure we reach our goals. They have been more than just a partner company, but members of our Visit Vicksburg team.

Laura Beth Strickland, Executive Director, Visit Vicksburg

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