Campaign Overview

Utilize ‘Well Played’ videos with a strategic digital only distribution strategy focusing in on ONLY Tier 2 geographies who have previously never been targeted by Visit Sandy Springs. The target market was identified by reviewing Google Analytics to find metros that had high engagement, but low site traffic. The users coming to the site from the tier 2 markets tended to go to more quality pages of an interested traveler.

Visit Sandy Springs had worked with a creative agency to create really unique videos that showcase the town to travelers. The videos not only showcase the growth of the city, but the livelihood of the outdoor and nightlife activities. As our partnership developed, we found that there had not been a solid distribution strategy for the videos. We brainstormed different ideas, and came together on a strategic idea to reach new markets.

Objective/Strategic Goals:

  • Increase site traffic from 3 tier 2 target markets

  • Increase engagement from 3 tier 2 target markets

  • Effectively track and measure success of targeting new markets through delivery and Google Analytics


YouTube Video, CTV, TVE, Pre-Roll, Geofence (App only) Video, Native Click-out Video

social media marketing



During the 4 month campaign, we delivered the Visit Sandy Springs ‘Well Played’ 15s video spots over 1.2 million times, and generated an average completion rate of 98%. The engaging videos drove nearly 6,000 direct clicks to The average increase in site engagement for the target markets was over 200%. Raising the session duration from >15s to <1:00. Organic site traffic in each target market also increased at least 30% on average.

“At Visit Sandy Springs we enjoy working with Advance Travel because they are responsive, knowledgeable and innovative.  We have been very happy with the results of what we consider to be a very original campaign, using some previously underutilized video assets to increase engagement and capture the attention of some new markets.”

Jennifer Cruce, Visit Sandy Springs

“It has been a joy to work with Visit Sandy Springs on their digital marketing strategy. They are such an amazing destination with so much to offer, and we are happy to help promote the area. We had the opportunity to work with them on this video deployment campaign to really showcase what we felt like were amazing and unique videos. Through research and data analyzing we found a creative opportunity to do so. While this is just one part of their overall campaign, it has proven to be very impactful in reaching new audiences in a different way. We meet with them monthly to talk about the campaign performance and optimizations made, and I think that the clear and constant communication and insight is what really drives this relationship and the overall campaign.”

Jacquelyn Blackwell, Regional Sales Manager

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