Located in the center of the Mississippi Hills region, Tupelo is full of music, world-class literary sites, Civil War history and American architecture.

For years the Tupelo CVB has worked strategically to promote travel and tourism in the birthplace of Elvis Presley. By partnering with Advance Travel & Tourism, Tupelo CVB sought to increase tourism specifically from those who are located in Nashville, Tennessee. After discovering their needs and goals, the following objectives and strategies were deployed.

Key Objectives:

  1. Reach people who are most likely to visit Tupelo based on premiere locations in Nashville, TN
  2. Saturate the Nashville market with sequential display creatives to users
  3. Entice travelers who have already visited Tupelo to come back
  4. Track travelers who were served an ad and later came to Tupelo


Hyper-targeted geofence display ads in Nashville, TN

In order to reach people who are most likely to visit Tupelo within the Nashville DMA, geotargeted display ads were served to mobile device users in various locations within the market. Users who didn’t take action were remessaged with different creative using the same general message.

Girls Trip Geofence ad

Girls Trip Remessasing ad

Hotel Remessaging ad


  • Over 3 million mobile display ads served
    • 1.3 million ads served to geofence locations in Nashville
    • 1.5 million re-messaging ads served to users in Nashville
    • 580k display ads served to previous Tupelo visitors
    • Over 21k direct responses to the ads, delivering a .7% CTR
  • Over 1,600 user devices that were served ads ended up visiting Tupelo
  • Nashville site traffic increased by 69% YOY
  • Nashville users and new users to the site increased over 50% YOY

“It is an incredible pleasure to work with such a savvy CVB. Kylie and her team are constantly pushing the limits of digital marketing, and challenging our team to think both creatively and strategically for their campaigns. Partnering with Tupelo for this campaign has allowed us to show solid ROI from a digital campaign with devices entering the market, as well as significant increases in Google Analytics metrics. Any technology for digital marketing can seem great at the surface, but actually making it perform well for a destination is a true testament to strategic planning. The sequential messaging to users is what sets this campaign apart from many others in tourism. Tupelo CVB continues to find unique ways to reach potential travelers, and we are super excited to be a part of their growth” 

Jacquelyn Blackwell, Advance Travel & Tourism

“As a marketer, I know various publications provide the readership and impressions, but equally important is working with a highly-organized, professional media team who is constantly looking ahead by offering new product offerings and services to meet our goals” 

Kylie Boring, Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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