The National Corvette Museum opened in 1994 as an educational tribute to America’s sports car.

The Museum is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, known worldwide as the home of the Corvette. Every Corvette in the world since 1981 is assembled at the General Motors Bowling Green Assembly Plant located just ¼ mile from the National Corvette Museum.

The museum itself recently underwent an RFP process for an agency of record that could accomplish multiple goals:

  • Revitalize the National Corvette Museum brand with potential visitors
  • Increase visits to the museum by 10% over current benchmarks

The National Corvette Museum and Advance Travel & Tourism partnered together to begin a campaign that was heavy on awareness to attract more potential visitors as well as engagement and planning tactics to increase ticket sales and conversions on site. As the museum is undergoing a bit of a redesign, both in their offerings and strategically, a “market by exhibit” approach was taken to highlight new exhibits coming to the museum that would be of interest to a fresh NCM audience.

The audiences we primarily targeted were families with children and Corvette owners or general car enthusiasts.

Key Campaign Objectives

  • Revitalize the National Corvette Museum brand with potential visitors
  • Increase visits to the museum by 10% over current benchmarks
  • Grow site traffic, new users and conversions in identified target markets
  • Constant communication and optimization based on campaign results


Digital Marketing

  • Digital Display + Remessaging
  • Full Creative Services Included
  • Responsive Rich Media Available
  • Target by Geo/Demo/Behavior

Search and social media marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Content & Distribution
  • Automated Optimization
  • Expert Management & Reporting

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  • Ticket Purchase Click goal conversions increased 359% over the previous period, and increased 205% over the previous year.
  • Over 4,260,000 ad impressions served to potential travelers as of mid-August 2022.
  • Over 64,721 direct website visits from the campaign.
  • Advance Travel campaigns made up over 15% of total website traffic.
  • Over 38,000+ goal conversions on site attributed directly to the Advance Travel Campaign.

Working with the Advance Travel and Tourism team has been outstanding! They have taken the time to get to know the brand of the National Corvette Museum and our visitor base to provide us with the tools and tactics needed for a successful digital campaign. I highly recommend them to any attraction or destination that is looking for a knowledgeable and efficient execution for their digital advertising!

Mariah Hughes, Senior Media and Marketing Specialist, National Corvette Museum

It has been a pleasure and an honor to partner with a brand as iconic as the National Corvette Museum. They have a team that truly understands tourism marketing as well as how to leverage the incredible assets that they have on-site. My favorite thing about working with the National Corvette Museum team is that they know the Corvette is so much more than just a car, it’s an American legend with a rich story to tell to audiences across generations.

Will Crockett, Account Executive, Advance Travel & Tourism

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