The Challenge

Resort Vacation Properties of Saint George Island has seen tremendous growth through the years, but they knew they needed to do more to get to the next level. Because 70% of their clientele was repeat business and older audiences, RVP wanted to diversify their reach to include new markets drawing visitors from Gen-X and Millennial segments. RVP also needed to diversify their marketing strategy to be more well-rounded and speak to beach travelers at all stages of the decision-making process. A key component was enhancing the user experience on the website to increase conversion rates.

The Goal

Increasing overall bookings, online bookings and driving more demand from Gen-X and younger guests.

The Strategy

RVP Saint George Island partnered with Advance Travel and Tourism to create an innovative digital strategy for the purpose of returning short-term results. Together, we built a comprehensive strategy that included online video, hyper-targeted display, content marketing, search and SEO. This enabled us to not only break into new markets and expand current reach, but also diversify RVP’s online presence.


The campaign drove extraordinary results:

  • Bookings – Up 19% year over year (similar Florida properties only showed 3% growth)
  • Customer value – up 25% per booking
  • Online Bookings – up 30%
  • Gen-X and Y Visitors – up 10%

Let’s talk about how we can uplift your destination to the highest capacity.

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