Help an iconic destination visited mainly by music fans appeal to tourists visiting Cleveland and looking for local landmarks to visit.


  • Inform tourists about the Rock Hall and make it the highlight of their trip to Cleveland.
  • Catch the attention of people other than strictly music fans, by segmenting them into three personas based on interest, propensity, and economic value, while also utilizing the popularity of the mobile phone.


Through a combination of audience targeting, creative ads, a mobile campaign, and measurement/optimization, we met the client’s desired goals.

Ad Creative

  • Designed to speak to the psychographic propensities of each targeted persona (“Enthusiastic Promoter,” “Music Fan,” and “Day Trip Roadie”) to maximize engagement.
  • Generated 92,450 hours of exposure time for Rock Hall creative over a five-month

Location-Aware Mobile Campaign

  • Delivered a location-aware mobile campaign through mobile web and mobile app targeting.


  • Record visitor traffic during the campaign.