Location-Based Mobile Advertising 101

November 2, 2017By Sara DyerUncategorized No Comments

You’re scrolling through Facebook at your favorite restaurant in town when you see an ad for the ice cream shop down the street. Do you think it’s just a coincidence? Think again. This is something marketers call location-based mobile advertising, or hypertargeting. Today we are reaching a whole new level of wireless penetration where nearly … Read More

How to Make Live Streaming Work for Your Destination

October 24, 2017By Sara DyerUncategorized No Comments

In recent years, video is making a very obvious push to the forefront of marketing strategies. Businesses are discovering that video possesses the power of audience engagement. Its powers have been amplified by the recent surge in live streaming video. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have introduced users to this feature, giving them the … Read More