Advance Travel & Tourism Welcomes Karthik Nair

Advance Travel & Tourism is excited to welcome the newest member to the team, Karthik Nair. Karthik resides in Charleston, SC and will be helping us maintain and establish client relationships in the region.

Karthik attended Kansas State University where he majored in Political Science and International Business. He credits his college experience, beyond just the degree, as being a an asset for his professional life.

“From my multiple Model UN days where I found how to have good discussions with people and to my leadership studies classes that helped me realize how to engage, work with and collaborate with others, my college experience has helped me tremendously in my professional life,” said Nair.

After receiving his degree, Karthik worked in advertising & media and then transitioned to working for a publisher. Moving on to work for Advance Travel & Tourism seemed like a natural fit on both sides and Karthik is excited to be working in such a thrilling space.

Outside of work, Karthik enjoys all things pop culture, events, and live music.

We are delighted to have Karthik join our team and looking forward to see him thrive in his new role.




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