We live in the age of mobile technology. An individual who does not own a smartphone is a rarity that I’m not sure exists anymore. Naturally, advertisers and marketers have devoted a lot of attention to mobile platforms.

Our mobile devices require different message formatting and channels previously unavailable via desktop. Snapchat is only available through mobile devices and requires vertical digital content. Instagram is meant to be accessed through mobile devices, and its “story” feature is only visible on a mobile device. These are only a couple examples of the newest mobile-focused platforms used by marketers.

With so much emphasis being put on the up-and-coming capabilities of mobile devices, it’s easy to forget the original Internet marketing platform: the desktop. It’s important to include mobile in your marketing strategies, but don’t underestimate the power of desktop! It’s being overshadowed by mobile, but discounting it in your marketing strategies could be hurting business. Still not convinced?

Mobile device usage is increasing- 77% of Americans own a smartphone! But that does not mean desktop usage is decreasing. People are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to access the Internet during times they previously did not, like early morning and weekends. Weekday Internet traffic, though, is still led by the desktop.

Mobile conversion rates are also significantly lower than desktop. An average of 80% of conversions are taking place on desktops, a stark contrast from mobile’s 20% conversion rate. Although conversion rates vary among categories, desktop is the clear winner of the two platforms.

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